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At the Ifsec exhibition in Birmingham, Finnish firm iLOQ introduced iLOQ locking technology based on the environmentally-friendly battery- and cable-fee iLOQ lock cylinders powered by the insertion of the battery-free digital iLOQ key.

iLOQ presented the new Key Replacement Feature of the iLOQ S10 locking system enabling the firm says up-to-date remote access management including lost key elimination simply by handing out a new key – locks do not need to be replaced if a key is lost. New keys can be programmed remotely and send to the user, and when the new key is inserted for the first time, previous keys are invalid.

The firm introduced the iLOQ Network Expansion 1-2-3 solution for remote management of master key and access management applications. The off-line operating iLOQ S10 locking system can be expanded with wired iLOQ Network Modules enabling direct communication of the administrators with a lock as well as managing key updates remotely.

Level 2 of the Network Expansion Solution 1-2-3 includes connection of an iLOQ Key Programming Hotspot to an iLOQ Network Module. The system administrators can change access rights of a key fully remotely in the iLOQ S10 locking system and instruct the key user to insert the key in any key programming hotspot of the locking system for updating the access rights. This method can be used for giving temporary access to maintenance companies.

Level 3 of the Network Expansion Solution 1-2-3 enables remote management of door locks. Up to six wired iLOQ cylinders can be connected to the iLOQ Network Module. Via the iLOQ Network Module the administrators is able to blacklist lost keys and to read key insertion audit trails over the network. Furthermore it is possible to define calendar based door time control, eg, at main entrances equipped with motor locks. For further information:

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