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Intrusion Detection

by msecadm4921

Intrusion Detection is as essential for effective network security as a firewall and virus scanner. Until now, however, Intrusion Detection Solutions (IDS) have been costly and difficult to implement. So argue intrusion detection company Proseq.

Worse still, according to London’s recent IDS Users Group meeting, many organisations that have already implemented some form of IDS have found it unworkable, because of the time and manpower needed to interpret the large number of alerts and information it provides.

Proseq?s new mjuIDS (MicroIDS) solution is set to change all this, however, the firm argues. mjuIDS is targeted at organisations of any size that are dependent on the internet for business, as well as those companies that may already be considering an intrusion detection solution, but are discouraged by the complexity and cost of existing offerings. mjuIDS also provides users with an opportunity to evaluate a managed network security service, without the cost and data overload normally associated with this route, say Proseq.

The fact that mjuIDS connects directly to Proseq?s Security Operations Centre (SOC) makes it a true IDS solution in its own right, the firm says. This enables users to take advantage of some of Europe’s most experienced IDS security personnel, 24-7, the firm says. Already included within the monthly cost of the mjuIDS unit is an automatically configured professional security management facility using the Proseq SOC. The mjuIDS unit comprises a single box that fits in a standard 19″ device rack. This interfaces with Proseq’s SOC to provide a plug and play intrusion detection capability that requires virtually no input from the user. Because configuration is remote, the device can start operating as soon installation is complete.

mjuIDS is passive and undetectable, and can monitor network connections from 2 to 10 Mbps bandwidth. Power consumption is only 100W, and mjuIDS offers an easy upgrade path to other Proseq internet security solutions. For more information on mjuIDS, or for details of the full range of Proseq solutions, visit

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