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Marina CCTV

by msecadm4921

A case study of network CCTV at an Adriatic marina.

At Marina Punat in Croatia, member leave their vessels in the berths. To better protect their facilities and customers’ assets, the site decided to deploy video surveillance system. A challenge was that the buildings are widely dispersed and the area needed to be monitored is large. Manufacturer TeleEye’s distributor, Automatika 10 supplied seven TeleEye III+ VX video recording transmitters (model: VX-8004) connecting with 50 TeleEye CCTV cameras and speed domes, that monitor entry and exit points in parking areas, markets, shops and hotel. That the products can incorporate video surveillance and connect cameras to an existing network infrastructure saves on cabling. Security staff in the control room can use the manufacturer’s multi-site software (model: WRS3-M) to monitor the live videos, alarm, motion and sensors at all locations through the local area network (LAN). In case of an event happened, the transmitters will dial back to the central control room and record video. The security product helps the marina in general administration. Marina Punat has published its panoramic view on its web site so that their members can see weather conditions besides their boats online. Another TeleEye III+ VX (model: VX-4001) connected with underwater cameras checks if there is any damages to the bottoms of the rented boats. Security staff can use Pocket PCs installed with TeleEye M-monitoring software to access the underwater scene on patrols.

What they say

Marina Punat Manager Kresimir Zic said: “Our members mainly come from Germany, Austria and Italy and they leave their expensive yachts and vessels in Marina Punat during winter. As one of the premier marinas in Croatia, we have always had an obligation to protect our members assets so that they can fully enjoy their sports and leisure here. Ordinary VCR-based surveillance systems could not fulfill our strict requirements. Among the others, TeleEye is one of the best video surveillance systems in the market and is reliable enough for our security requirement.”.

About TeleEye

TeleEye Group offers a range of remote visual management systems with applications in various industries under the TeleEye and “CAMERIO” brands.

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