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by msecadm4921

Web-based real-time satellite tracking from Masternaut is aiding secure document and data management organisation The Hill Company.

Masternaut says that it not only delivers security but enables The Hill Company to provide more services to its customers using its staff and has reduced the running cost of its fleet.

The Hill Company provides storage and retrieval of business records, wills and deeds, and magnetic media for legal and financial organisations. These documents are collected from clients from all over the UK and from their offices on the continent and are taken for storage at the company’s specifically designed secure and environmentally controlled building.

Document traceability is a must; so, each file is tracked and traced onsite using barcodes, then by using the Masternaut service the vehicle and driver can be pinpointed onscreen whenever documents are transported.

“The Masternaut service is the best thing we’ve bought in a long time,” says James Hill, Managing Director, The Hill Company. “It gives us an added advantage in the market and it delivers the extra level of security our customers require during the transportation of their documents.”

The Hill Company’s clients are able to log on to a dedicated area of the Masternaut website allowing them to see the progress of their documentation during transit. It shows when the vehicle carrying their documentation left their premises or the security of The Hill Company’s facility, monitors its progress and customers will know when it will arrive at its destination. This not only provides an extra level of security, it is claimed, it allows customers to measure the company’s performance.

The product firm adds that The Hill Company is benefiting from many of the integral features and resulting benefits that Masternaut affords. James Hill concludes: “Masternaut is an excellent management tool. We know exactly where our vehicles and drivers are at any time without having to constantly be on the telephone to them. Masternaut has phenomenal reporting capabilities that allow us to drill down on a case-by-case basis. We are able to respond to urgent orders by assigning the nearest available driver. We can monitor speed, track personal usage, which has enabled us to save on our fuel bills and we are are eligible for lower insurance premiums.”

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