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Terror Law

by msecadm4921

More proposed new laws to combat terrorism have been published by Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

The measures in the Terrorism Bill will help tackle the threat facing the UK, including disrupting terrorist activities at all points in the chain, he said. The Bill includes proposals to outlaw the ‘encouragement or glorification of terrorism’ and to create a new offence to tackle extremist bookshops who disseminate radical material.

Plans also include a measure which would make it illegal to attend a ‘terrorist training camp’ and would create a new offence to catch those planning or preparing to commit terrorist acts. The maximum limit of pre-charge detention in terrorist cases would also be extended to three months.

PM call

In Parliament Prime Minister Tiny Blair said: "We should debate the terrorist law on a sensible basis. We know that people in our country and around the world want to commit serious terrorist offences here, and we had a serious terrorist attack in the centre of London."

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