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Business without bribery

by Mark Rowe

The International Marine Contractor’s Association (IMCA) has recently upgraded its anti-bribery and corruption training with the anti-corruption campaign group Transparency International using online training techniques.

The updated online eLearning module called ‘Doing Business Without Bribery’ is the next version after the one launched in 2018 and is freely available on IMCA’s website. This Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC) eLearning forms part of IMCA’s ethics programme to support its membership, which comprises three phases:

– Code of practice for the secretariat;
– The Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) eLearning, which includes a requirement to complete this module on an annual basis; and
– A set of high-level ethical principles incorporated in a code of conduct expected of its members.

Allen Leatt, IMCA CEO, pictured, said: “The purpose is to train, explain, and encourage anti-bribery and corruption best practice and support all IMCA Member organisations. The e-Learning module will be particularly useful to our Members with more limited in-house compliance training capabilities. We know that our members are keen to ensure they conform to best ethical business practices and the ABC training module is designed to support them achieve that.”


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