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Vehicle scanning at airport

by Mark Rowe

As part of Gatwick’s upgrade of its road-to-airside security gates, Chemring Technology Solutions has completed a multi-lane, underside vehicle search system based on its VehicleScan product.

The vehicle scanning in a new four lanes is to monitor the Sussex airport’s traffic, including staff, maintenance and catering vehicles. It’s replacing the ‘mirror on a stick’ approach, the firm adds.

VehicleScan delivers colour images of the underside of a vehicle with millimetre-scale detail, the makers report. Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), the product will cross check each vehicle against the airport database to ensure all vehicles are approved to access the airfield. ANPR will also enable Gatwick to report on vehicle queue times, which can then be used to improve efficiency of staffing rotas, as well as better understand who is on and off site.

Chemring also offers CCTV, standalone ANPR, and site access control equipment. Visit

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