Touchscreen for key access

by msecadm4921

The KeyBank Touch from US manufacturer Morse Watchmans allows users such as in colleges and corporate campuses for securing and tracking large numbers of keys.



KeyBank Touch features a large touch screen; KeyAnywhere to allow the return of any key to any KeyBank cabinet in the system; KeyFind to find a specific key; and an optional optical fingerprint reader. For accessing keys, the interface offers step by step instructions. KeyBank Touch can be custom-designed to meet requirements and scaled as needs change. 


Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans, says: “KeyBank Touch addresses issues found in conventional high volume key storage systems by refocusing the technology to a more intelligent and unified solution that enables improved dynamic system control. With its key control system experience and technology expertise, Morse Watchmans continues to deliver essential tools to enrich the security and functionality of key control.”


The product enables multiple key storage banks to form a single system capable of holding hundreds of keys. Control and programming of the system is managed from a PC; and every transaction is automatically recorded. Priority email alerts notify management of alarms and/or other access transactions.


For car dealerships, rental agencies or motor pools, keys put into the system can be moved around to various KeyBanks as vehicles are moved and the system will record the location and time so anyone looking for those keys will know where they are. In residential uses, a ‘Notes’ feature allows a user to select a pre-programmed note when removing or returning a key and to add any free-form comments to the standard

note. For example, if a contractor is permitted to remove a key, to make a non- scheduled repair, a note could be added at the time of the key removal to indicate the reason, such as “fixing leaky faucet.” 


The KeyBank Touch is engineered around a new CPU board with a built-in SD card slot, USB connectivity, 10/100 Ethernet and audio output jack. Each system is AC powered and supported by a battery back-up power supply. For more information visit

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