Network security in 2020: risks and solutions

by msecadm4921

For any business with an online presence, be this for a website and digital store or simply for storage and communication, network security is something you’ll need to address. In essence, the communication your company has with online services and partner networks, will inevitability bring cyber security risks. Thankfully, however, there are responses you can take to bolster your network and lower the threat to your business, which we will discuss here.


What is Network Security?

In its simplest form, network security is the rules and protocols that are designed to protect the privacy, integrity, and accessibility of given data and computer networks. More broadly, it covers both hardware and software and involves the data left by an entity on a multitude of devices and formats. This means that virtually every business needs at least a minimal amount of network security risk mitigation, no matter their size, industry, or the degree of their online presence.


What are the Risks?

Because your business’ network is likely to span across several websites, devices and programs, there are a certain number of both internal and external threats you might need to deal with. In short, companies that don’t seek any network security solutions run the risk of:

Compromising data in the form of valuable or private information.

System hacks by either an internal or an external hacker.

Importing malware, which could severely damage your business’ online systems.

Unintentionally exporting malware, which could create even worse damage to your business’ reputation.

Digital defacement if someone can hack and subsequently take control of your website or social media services.


What are the Solutions?

The risk posed by many of the above threats can be reduced significantly by successfully managing your online presence. This involves the use of firewall software to create a barrier between your company’s security and the digital sphere, whilst malware and antivirus solutions can prevent many forms of malicious content.

Meanwhile, covering your network security internally is just as important. This can be done by having private Wi-Fi networks and secure wireless devices that are used for work. Any release of company data should also be authorised through a fortified administrator system, so your business can have fully reliable protocols in place.


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