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May 2021 print edition

by Mark Rowe

Now on desks and free to read online is the May 2021 print edition of Professional Security magazine. We return to a subject that regrettably won’t go away – violence against high street retail staff, something we’ll turn to again in the June edition, given the evidence last week to the Home Affairs Committee of MPs about violence against retail.

Covid, inevitably, looms large – just as it does in violence against staff, as shop floor workers have to be the ones asking customers to wear face coverings, or ask them to respect social distancing. But as convenience store managers and others report, while covid has been a trigger of violence and verbal abuse, the pre-pandemic trigger of having to confront shoplifters or handle the under-age who ask for age-restricted items such as alcohol, is still there.

As in previous editions and indeed the next few ones, we continue to look beyond covid and lockdown, to ask what the commercial world will look like as the UK moves towards pre-pandemic normality, and what that will mean for private security. As ever we try to offer something for everyone, whatever their interest in security management; whether physical, electronic or cyber, or whatever their role, as installer, manager or consultant or specifier, or whatever their sector.

We run part two of an interview with Mark Rowan, MD of the security engineering company QCIC. In the April edition, we featured what he had to say about buildings and the ‘return to work’. Now we reach the main reason for speaking with him – the brand refresh of the company he founded in 2007, to better reflect what the consultancy has become; that is to say, how it has grown, both geographically, to cover the 24-hour world of business; and in terms of offerings, beyond consulting on design.

We look also at a similar exercise by the multi-national Securitas, which has brought out a new logo for everything from its vehicles to its guarding signage; and Steve Collins of security awareness and self-defence training company PS5, whose background is actually in design, writes about how good design is important – and even if you are a specialist in security, making do with a poorly-designed corporate image is not good enough if you want to impress business, he argues.

We also feature courtesy of a webinar by the uni welfare accreditation scheme ProtectED a couple of university security managers, on how their institutions and students have coped so far with severe restrictions on campus life; and talk to Josh Rising, a control room operator at the University of Leicester, among the winners of officer awards by Aucso, the UK-based association for university chiefs of security.

On the cyber security side we hear about gamification, as a way to get cyber safety across entertainingly to non-cyber people; and more from Qinetiq about penetration testing.

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