Case Studies

Vehicle hire saving

by Mark Rowe

The guarding firm MAN Commercial Protection has reduced bills by using Fownd, which negotiates deals with a variety of vehicle hire companies. Pictured left to right are Chris Smith (MAN Commercial Protection’s operations director) and Paul Tuszynski (Fownd Vehicle Hire’s executive director).

Chris Smith, operations director of MAN Commercial Protection, says: “We do events all around the world and work with some of the most demanding clients in the business such as the police, fire and rescue services so we can’t afford to cut corners on quality. Fownd took days of hire off our bills – saving us hundreds of pounds per job – with superior vehicles and excellent service.

“For instance, they realised we didn’t need the mini-buses once we were on an island for an event so they saved the ferry fee and the days’ hire which can amount to £500 per job. That also means we can get the team across quicker as it’s easier to book as foot passengers than as a mini-bus. It’s a dream solution as it cuts costs while giving us greater operational flexibility. Another thing they’ve done is to reduce the costs of weekend rentals. Most hire companies insist you take a vehicle for a week whereas Fownd negotiated weekend hires.”

Paul Tuszynski, executive director for Fownd, adds: “MAN Commercial Protection is a great partner because they do just that – they work with us. For instance when they need a vehicle instantly, we set it up and give them the options so it all moves along quickly. They work in a fast-paced, demanding industry and our proactive service complements this. We are always looking at ways to save them time and money. MAN often needs to hire unusual vehicles – anything from luxury people carriers to security patrol cars. We know where to find them fast and at market-leading rates.”

Chris Smith from MAN adds: “Fownd texts your driver to remind them to fill up before they return the vehicle. It’s a small detail but it saves you a load of money over the course of a month’s hires. We grew 40 per cent last year. Fownd definitely contributed to that with their responsive team saving us a lot of time and money.”

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