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‘War on crime’ arrests

by msecadm4921

Some 158 people were arrested on May 29 for offences linked to economic crime with criminals being deprived of over £2.4m as part of the latest operation in what the Metropolitan Police’s (Met) has termed its ‘Total War on Crime’. Using powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) yesterday, officers made cash seizures of more than £1.5m in cash. A further sum of over £940,000 was forfeited under POCA.



Operation Stimtone was the largest day of action the Met has put together focusing on economic crime, deploying over 1200 officers. Some 327 separate operations were completed throughout the day to target those involved in money laundering, identity fraud, handling stolen goods, conspiracy to defraud and those who target the vulnerable and elderly.


People who steal from businesses or their employers were also on the Op Stimtone radar and were visited by officers throughout the day.


Seized were 750 cannabis plants, two replica firearms, a handgun converted to fire live rounds, a large quantity of class ‘A’ drugs including 170 cocaine wraps, a CS Gas canister, an air rifle and a motorboat valued at over £25,000. Rolex, Cartier and Brietling watches with an estimated value of £1 million were some of luxury items seized during an operation in Westminster into money laundering.


Warrants at a safety deposit box company led to the recovery of £135,000 along with high value jewellery and fraudulent credit cards.


There were also 18 arrests for ‘Cash for Crash’ offences against a blue chip company, for conspiracy to defraud as part an organised insurance scam.


Officers were also working with the British Retail Consortium to arrest criminals who hijack online shopping accounts for their own gain. Three controlled deliveries were carried out to addresses where goods had been ordered. These were showcased by media on ITV London Tonight and the lunchtime BBC London TV news as part of media coverage of the operation. Forged passports, balaclavas and false number plates were also recovered by officers. The operation took place in each one of London’s 32 boroughs. 1272 officers were deployed across the MPS and conducted arrests for Money Laundering, Production of Drugs, Fraud, Theft Employee, Conspiracy to Defraud – Cash for Crash, Burglary, Theft, Handling Stolen Goods, Possession with intent to Supply Class Drugs and Possession of Sec 1 Firearm.


Key results were tweeted out live throughout the day @metpoliceuk using the hash tag #bigwing.


Commander Allan Gibson, who led Operation Stimtone, said: “Yesterday’s successful operation show’s that the Met mean business about crimes committed against businesses and individuals. As part of our Total War on Crime we are determined to make sure crime does not pay but criminals do.


“I would like to pay tribute and give thanks for the amazing and dedicated hard work that went into yesterday’s operation. The range and value of the items recovered shows how important it is to target and arrest criminals who commit economic crime. These offences affect people at all levels of society. Our work yesterday, and our ongoing work, is about creating a hostile environment for these criminals and putting the proceeds of crime back in communities through improved policing and improved facilities.


“The total financial seizures were very impressive and many warrants executed yesterday removed dangerous criminals from our streets. Yesterday the Met sent a very clear message to criminals that, together with our partners, we will pursue you, we will arrest you, we will deprive you of your criminal gains.”

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