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WCoSP apprenticeship

by Mark Rowe

Cambridge Army Cadet Sergeant Charlotte Wallace has been awarded an apprenticeship with The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (WCoSP), and presented with an Intelligence Corps Medallion, pictured.

Charlotte, 17, has been selected as a Master Cadet and has taken a leading role in her detachment. Cambridge Detachment of Cambridgeshire Army Cadet Force has a close relationship with the Army’s Intelligence Corps, and its members wear their distinctive green beret and cap badge. Earlier this year, Detachment Commander 2nd Lieutenant Vicky Houghton was approached by The Corps with an offer for older cadets to apply for an apprenticeship with their affiliated Livery company, the WCoSP.

The object of the apprenticeship is to take a young person with an interest in security and The London Livery, (London’s ancient and modern trade associations and guilds), and to encourage that interest by taking part in events, meetings and functions during their apprenticeship. Charlotte was accepted for the four-year apprenticeship, the second person ever to do so.

Charlotte joined the Army Cadet Force 2016, and has progressed through all levels of their training syllabus and has recently achieved the status of Master Cadet. She has achieved a CVQO BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork and Personal Development and is working on her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award having completed her Bronze last year. Cadet service has ranged from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) camps to a week learning to ski. In 2018, she undertook research on the Cambridgeshire Regiment during the 1914-18, as part of the Force’s battlefield tour of the Western Front.

She said she applied because ‘I thought it sounded like a great opportunity and could be good for me to find out more about career options. I had to complete a number of application forms. My Detachment Commander had to endorse these, and complete a statement, along with Colonel Mclean (Corps Colonel Reserves, Intelligence Corps). This then had to go through a selection process.

‘I think I was successful based on these statements and the commitment I have shown within cadets, and my career interests, which include forensic science.’

Charlotte is studying Uniformed Services at Cambridge Regional College. Her new apprenticeship is a distance-based apprenticeship/mentorship with the WCoSP, meaning she can continue with her present studies.

She says she’s enthusiastic about the new possibilities. ‘I am very excited by this opportunity and gaining the chance to meet interesting people and visit places not always accessible to everyone. It is based around all aspects and opportunities within the modern security sector. Over this time, I will have to attend at least six events and will get the chance to visit and speak with people working in many aspects of security, for example members of the police Force and possibly the London Mint. Each month I will have contact with my assigned mentor and have the chance to ask many questions and gain support and information. My first event will be in November, in London, for my official enrolment.’

On September 21, Sgt Wallace attended a short (socially distanced) ceremony at Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre, attended by Colonel Mclean, formerly Corps Colonel Reserves Intelligence Corps, and now Deputy Commander Reserves Sandhurst Groups. Also present was the Commandant of Cambridgeshire ACF, Colonel Fraser-Hitchen, with other officers and Detachment Commander Vicky Houghton. The Colonels congratulated Charlotte, and Colonel Mclean presented her with an Intelligence Corps commemorative medallion.

Colonel Mclean said: ‘Our congratulations go to her, and we wish her all the best in the future, whichever path she chooses.’

Commandant Colonel Fraser-Hitchen said: ‘For me, Charlottes achievements are the epitome of all that is good about the Army Cadet Force, she is only the second apprentice to be picked up by this scheme which sees her being mentored by a number of professionals for the next four years. She has only been able to do that of course, with the significant training, experiences and activities that she’s been able to gain from her service in the ACF. She’s done really well, she’s put the effort in, she knows exactly where she is going, so very, very well done to her.’

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