Consortium launch against suicide

by Mark Rowe

The Security Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide (SCPS) has launched, to help raise awareness of the issue and share information within the security industry.

The SCPS was founded in 2022 by Vicki Vidler and is a network of security groups and people in both the public and private sector seeking to prevent suicide. The consortium is guided by a panel that includes representatives from the National Police Chiefs Council Suicide Prevention Group, City of London Police, The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals and the Samaritans. Members sign up to the consortium covenant.

Vicki Vidler said: “Suicide is sadly a major issue for our society. Every week 115 people die by suicide in the UK. Our mission is simply to save lives. By pooling our resources, we can learn from each other, share skills, technology and expertise all designed to improve suicide prevention activities.”

The City Security Council (CSC), a group of mainly City of London-based guarding companies, is among signatories. Ashley Fernandes, Chair of the CSC said: “The security profession has an important role to play in suicide prevention. Very often security officers are the first people to spot someone behaving unusually and will be the first responders to go to help someone in need. As an organisation we can encourage our members to have conversations around mental health within the workplace, provide support, training and together we can seek new ways to work towards combating suicide.”


A founder and past chair of the CSC is David Ward, now of DW Associates. His company co-sponsored the launch event, at Goldsmiths Hall in the City on Tuesday, May 30 and has signed in support of the initiative. David Ward said: “Suicide is something that we often don’t feel comfortable openly talking about and yet it is an issue that affects us all and one that as a society we desperately need to help address and minimise wherever we can.

“Every week suicides sadly occur in the UK and during my career, I have encountered many situations where security officers have been involved with talking to people who are in a place where they believe they have no other option left than to take their own life. Our industry has an important role to play in combating suicide whether that is in identifying people at risk, providing support, training, counselling, or other prevention activities. Furthermore, we need to put robust support mechanisms in place to support any staff members who are involved with a suicide.

“This initiative by the SCPS is an excellent starting point and as an industry one we can surely all get behind and support.”

More in the July edition of Professional Security magazine.

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