GDPR can make us stronger

by Mark Rowe

GDPR can lead to stronger customer relationships, writes Thomas Winter, co-founder of jenID Solutions.

There are few of us who don’t shudder each time GDPR [general data protection regulation] is mentioned and stare at that ominous red cross on the calendar marking out May 25. For many organisations processes have changed dramatically, and others are still scrambling to get their houses in order before the deadline hits. However, does GDPR really have to be such an onerous task? Some small tweaks could lead to huge customer gains.

Building strong relationships with customers

By having strong identity verification processes, which includes the use of encrypted data and the right for citizens to delete their data at any time, organisations can build stronger relationships with their customers, based on higher levels of trust and develop a more streamlined user experience. This higher level of trust and loyalty will have a knock-on effect, inviting more individuals to transact with a trusted organisation.

It’s personal

A key component of the GDPR is ensuring that personal data is processed in a way that ensures security of the data, including accidental loss or damage. Barely a day goes by without another data breach and most IT teams are battling the unknown threat daily; dreading any system attacks. For those businesses carrying out identity checks, choosing a software supplier who automatically deletes identifying data or fully encrypts all data, will help alleviate that headache. Communicating these processes to your customers will encourage them to feel confident transacting with you. Building a GDPR compliant verification system isn’t an onerous task; many solutions will quickly and reliably verify an individual’s identity, using document checks via mobile authentication. With no data trails and no personal information stored, the company is protected, and individuals retain their privacy.

Although countries such as Germany have had strong data protection laws in place for many years now, this is a first for the UK and it will be interesting to see how many companies are prepared, come GDPR-day. Will this lead to a new privacy movement as the reigns are handed back to consumers to have more control over their data? Companies who are ahead of the curve with regards to GDPR have the opportunity to stand out as a shining example, leading to a positive brand experience and ultimately a stronger customer bond.

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