Institute of Strategic Risk Management launches

by Mark Rowe

The consultant and trainer Dr David Rubens has set up and launched the Institute of Strategic Risk Management. He says it’s to create a global centre where practitioners, academics and policy makers can come together to share information, and promote the underlying understanding and capabilities associated with strategic risk and crisis management.

See the February 2019 print issue of Professional Security magazine for an interview with David. He plans to run an informal event in London in March for those interested in the ISRM; and to hold a conference in the summer.

He told Professional Security that the London-based ISRM is aimed at international managers – who could as well be in Kenya or Venezuela or the UK; whether executives in the C-suite, or anyone involved in some sort of security, risk or crisis management role; or an academic studying the risk management field. Having taken his PhD through the University of Portsmouth he found ‘oceans’ of academic work on the field.

See the ISRM LinkedIn page The Institute has an advisory board made up of security and risk managers from every continent (except Antartica).

David, pictured, says: “You will be aware that the scale, range and nature of the emergent threats that the world is facing are changing at a pace that seems to be leaving behind our ability to model, prepare for or respond to the high-impact events that are becoming ever more common.” Hence, he says, a need for a forum where practitioners, academics and strategic policy makers can come together to truly understand the nature of the complex threats of the modern world, and to explore the multiple-stakeholder frameworks, policies and capabilities that will be necessary to face up to them.

“It is a sad fact that even at the highest level of strategic risk and crisis management, whether in corporate, government or other sectors, there is a lack of awareness of the huge amount of academic work that has been done around many of the critical issues that are central to the challenges that we are facing, whether it is in terms of command and control, multi agency integration, communications and information exchange, critical decision-making, training and exercising or the fundamental paradigm change from agency-led crisis management to community-based resilience.

“At the same time, the ISRM is aware of the vast numbers of people across the world who are being given responsibility for increasingly complex risk, resilience, business continuity, emergency response and crisis management operations, and for which they often feel they have not been given the appropriate level of preparation or support. For all of these people too, the ISRM is committed to providing a natural home where experiences can be compared, personal and professional development can be supported and friendships can be made.”

For more about Dr David Rubens D.SyRM, CSyP, F.ISRM, Executive Director of the ISRM, visit his company website:

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