Small business protection

by Mark Rowe

Small businesses can help protect themselves from cyber crime, the Home Office Security Minister James Brokenshire has said.

He pointed to report published by the Federation of Small Businesses, Cyber security and fraud: the impact on small businesses. It attributed the cost of cyber fraud to small businesses as around £785m a year.

The conference heard there are steps that businesses can take to protect themselves from cyber crime. Tips include:

ensuring you have the most up to date virus software installed on your computer
making sure you have a strong password policy (minimum eight characters)
securing your wireless network.

Many of the suggestions can be implemented at little or no cost, the Government points out.

James Brokenshire, pictured, said: “Cyber security is a crucial part of the government’s National Cyber Security Strategy. Over £63m has been committed to the Home Office for enhancing our response to online crime, the bulk of which is being used to strengthen law enforcement capabilities.

“This includes the creation of the new National Cyber Crime Unit to tackle the most serious forms of cyber crime and bring more offenders to justice.

“We need to make sure that all businesses, large and small are engaged in implementing appropriate prevention measures. This report will help give a greater understanding of how online security and fraud issues affect small businesses, giving guidance as well as valuable top tips to protect their business.

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