SRI to launch careers study

by Mark Rowe

Why do people join the security sector; and why do some enter and stay in it because they ‘fall into it’, more by chance than choice?

What keeps them involved? What are the best and worst things about a security career? In a webinar on Wednesday afternoon, November 4, Perpetuity Research are launching their latest Security Research Initiative (SRI) report. The researchers Prof Martin Gill, founder of SRI and the consultancy Perpetuity, and Charlotte Howell will go through the 70-page report. Also speaking will be Rick Mounfield, Chief Executive at the Security Institute; and David Scott, Managing Director at Skills for Security.

Is there such a thing as a ‘career’ in private security (or is it just an ‘industry’ to work in)? What does and does not makes security attractive to recruits, whether as a first or second career? As previous SRI reports have set out, private security can provoke mixed views from other business professionals; and rank and file police officers and senior leaders in the police alike can have jaundiced views of security, although times have changed and are changing. What though of the image of security – whether in society, and in classrooms during careers lessons in school, or when young people or police and military leavers are considering their options?

You can register for free to join the webinar at That’s the same link to sign up for Prof Martin Gill’s regular, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, OSPAs thought leadership webinars, begun on March 31 and due to carry on until Christmas at least.

As in previous SRI work, the researchers carried out an online survey (in March) followed by interviews – quoted in the final report, but without identifying anyone – to bring out experience.

After the launch, the Perpetuity website will be the place to go to for the findings. You can visit to also freely view previous studies, such as offender views on physical security; buyer-supplier relationships; and bundled services versus guarding as a single service. The next SRI subject is COVID-19 and the implications for security.

Picture by Mark Rowe; giant Playmobil figure outside shop, Stafford town centre.

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