Terror view

by Mark Rowe

Overblowing the ‘global terror threat’ actually lessens our capability to precisely understand it when it does come. However, there are a handful major terrorist organizations that are pursuing broader agendas, which take them across borders and provide a foundation for international or indeed global terrorism that can threaten whole regions, thus have the potential to distort global geopolitics and represent a major threat even in countries where hardly any terrorist groups can be found.

So argues The Athena Institute, a Budapest-based research group.

The analysis ends: “Training camps, fundamentalist Madrassas and local and international terrorist groups flourish in these regions and countries, producing newer and newer generations of highly radicalized Muslims, many of them from Western countries. This situation – therefore – is pregnant with the possibility of a future major terrorist attack on Western soil or against Western interests in the given regions; not to mention the immense negative effects this has on geopolitics and the power struggle between states that are competing for a regional leading role, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the Middle East or Pakistan and India in South Asia.”

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