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by msecadm4921

The British Security Industry Association has produced a guideline to clarify the interpretation of PD6662:2004.

The ‘Guideline for the use of the PD6662:2004 scheme for the implementation of prEN50131-1:2004’ seeks to aid manufacturers in designing their products to conform with the new requirements, but is also a useful source of clarification for specifiers, installers and others working with the standard.

What they say

"Inevitably there are areas within PD6662 that are open to interpretation or need clarification as the European standards are in development," says BSIA Technical Services Director, Alex Carmichael. "The document has been prepared to give guidance on the interpretation of such areas. We have also recently held a seminar for members and their customers on the topic. The BSIA is fully committed to aiding manufacturers, specifiers and installers in the transition across to the new standards."

The guideline covers areas of the standard including: documentation; setting; processing of intruder, hold-up, tamper alarm and fault signals/messages; timing diagrams to illustrate operation on entry.

The guideline was developed by the BSIA, it reports, after consultation with the NSI, SSAIB and the insurance industry. PD6662:2004 is the foundation document in the UK for the implementation of European Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems – mandatory for all systems installed from October 1. The guideline can be downloaded:

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