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Cyber tech that helps business security

by msecadm4921

New safety systems and devices are constantly being developed, and sometimes businesses struggle to keep up. So, here’s our guide to the latest Cyber Security technology.


Why should you be aware of the latest technology?

Implementing the latest cyber technology is increasingly important when it comes to long-term Business Security. Indeed, the variety and scale of cyber-attacks now surpass most physical security dangers, so implementing the right measures against these threats is crucial for companies.

As well as becoming more advanced, cyber security issues are constantly changing and leaving greater potential for damage. This means that the measures and security technology you put in place needs to be up to date with constantly evolving threats.


What is the latest cyber technology?

Some key examples of the latest developments in cyber security technology include:

AI and Deep Learning

These are used to analyse a range of data, such as logs and communications, to detect discrepancies and suspicious activities in your company accounts.

Zero-Trust Models

Basing itself on the idea that your network is already compromised, this model enhances internal and external systems in your business security.

Passwordless Systems

Granting access to your company systems through another device such as a smartphone can leave you far less vulnerable to digital threats.

User Behaviour Analytics

This is a subsection of AI and works by analysing how users operate across your system so it can flag abnormal behaviour.

Data Loss Prevention

DLP utilises cyber technology such as encryption to enhance your business security by protecting your data down to individual files, making it safer to move your information.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing is designed to prevent cyber-attacks by allowing data to be moved off vulnerable devices and into a more secure digital network.


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