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by msecadm4921

The Government’s current drug strategy is due to end in March 2008, so now is an ideal time, he Home Office says, to take a fresh look at how we address illegal drug use.

Consultation will be part of that process.

The government says that its policy has been to handle the problem through enforcement of anti-drug dealing laws, while educating young people about the damage done by illegal drug use, and offering treatment for drug addicts.

While the consultation is under way, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs will launch a review of cannabis classification, looking at the country’s policies towards cannabis in light of the increasing strength of the drug.

The Home Office reports that it is working with the research agency Ipsos Mori on this consultation, which will involve a series of workshops and events, with families, and current and ex-drug users invited to discuss ways in which the harm caused by drug use can be cut further.

The government will distribute 200,000 leaflets about the consultation to police stations, libraries and community groups across the country, to spread the word and involve people further in what should be a national discussion. For more details:

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