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Handheld Thermal Camera

by msecadm4921

Thermal imaging is no longer reserved for naval warships or police helicopters say manufacturers FLIR Systems.

The company has brought out FLIR Scout a handheld thermal imaging camera. Its aimed at law enforcement officers and security patrollers to see at night without being seen themselves, to gain the information needed to make critical decisions. Applications can include covert operations, nocturnal patrolling or rescue. The thermal imaging camera produces the makers say a crisp image in the darkest of nights, through mist, fog, smoke, dust and even foliage. The device sees clearly in total darkness, it’s claimed. It makes images from heat, not light, a feat impossible for the human eye or even
image-intensified night vision devices. People, animals, and all objects – even ice – make their own heat and their own contrast. Whereas conventional night vision optics may be useful for situational awareness, they cannot see in total darkness, penetrate foliage or make a picture at great distances. The image processing capabilities produce acute, penetrating thermal vision from night to day – even in sunlight the camera will clearly highlight people concealed by trees or bushes. The compact all-weather design of the product is built the manufacturers say to withstand the demands of day-in, day-out outdoor use.
Lightweight, shock resistant and waterproof, it even floats. The models operate between minus 20 and plus 60 degrees C. It’s controlled with five buttons on top of the unit and is silent in operation. Eyebrow style light shield eye-pieces allows the operator to remain covert.

The FLIR Scout TS Series produces high resolution thermal images of 240 x 180 or 320 x 240 pixels. The Scout Pro models offer thermal image and video storage in JPEG format on a removable SD card. Images can be used
as evidence. Four rechargeable AA NiMH batteries are good for more than five hours of continuous operation. The Scout also runs on standard non-rechargeable alkaline and Lithium Ion AA batteries.

An InstAlert feature colours the hottest parts in the thermal image red. This helps a user to spot animals in the thermal image. The product provides a 24 degrees field of view. A deer, for example, can be spotted at about 450m away, in total darkness the makers say. For longer range performance a 2X extender is available. It spots a deer at about 790m the makers add. Hot Shoe
The product comes with a ‘Hot Shoe’ that allows for tripod mounting and also has a power in and video out jack. With the Hot Shoe, the Scout can be positioned remotely in the field while the user follows activity from on a monitor. The shuttered eyepiece keeps light from coming out of the viewfinder and avoids alarming animals or other target subjects. The FLIR Scout is exclusively available from J J Vickers & Sons, the official FLIR distributor for the UK and Ireland. For more information call 01634 201284 or email [email protected].

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