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by msecadm4921

Mobile devices offer a large market for developers and marketers as they look for ways to reach millions of people worldwide. This makes mobile devices and users high risk for cybercrimes and virus attacks.

Four types of security threats to be aware of are:

Device – the risk of mobiles containing important information being stolen or lost

Network – public Wi-Fi networks can put you at risk if your data is not encrypted

Mobile apps – fake apps that people download can be created designed to steal personal information

Websites – some websites can direct you to malicious content that is then downloaded to devices.


Social engineering attacks 

Social engineering attacks target users via emails and text messages. This is known as ‘phishing’. Cybercriminals try to manipulate users into sharing their personal information. Hackers can send information to users prompting them to download viruses to their devices. Companies can train their staff on how to look out for scam messages and block these messages from coming through.


IoT privacy breaches

‘IoT’ or the ‘Internet of Things’ can describe any device that is connected to the internet, this can include smart tablets, smart TVs, Alexa, baby monitors, etc. Although synchronising these devices to the internet offers multiple benefits, it’s also another avenue where cybercrime can take place. Offenders can breach your privacy by hacking into your devices where security is weak or not in place.


Mobile Spyware

Mobile spyware is software that can be installed on a device without the user’s knowledge. It differs from computer spyware as hackers can remotely monitor activities on your phone. A simple click on a questionable advert can provide a gateway for spyware to be installed on your device. This exposes your personal information which can then be collected and analysed.


Poor Password Management

Weak passwords are one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to hack into your devices and systems and access your data. It’s very easy to prevent, but it’s also the biggest mobile security threat faced.

Enterprises have trained their staff not to use the same password for every device or system on personal and business accounts. However, due to having to use multiple systems, people take the quickest route of using the same password. Many claim that using different passwords gets confusing and most even forget what they are, which is true, but making passwords harder is vital to prevent becoming a victim of cybercrimes.


Lost or stolen devices

The theft of mobile devices is one of the most common crimes that take place. People often misplace their personal or work mobile phones, putting themselves and businesses at risk. Although this has always been a risk, the importance of managing mobile devices & apps is essential as more people are working remotely and phones have become increasingly more advanced in their capabilities.

Many users have work mobiles or use their personal mobile for company apps that have information such as company finances and client data. It can become a huge mobile security threat for companies when mobile phones are stolen or lost.


Fraudulent mobile app activities

Despite taking action to secure mobile devices from security threats, there will always be ways for scammers and hackers to gain access. Cybercriminals target unprotected apps, fake apps, and even apps from the app store as some can contain malware. When users download these apps, users give hackers access to their sensitive information.

Many users are unaware of this type of threat because the app may appear to work as normal. Some apps are not secure which is another way for hackers to steal people’s details digitally, access their digital wallets, extract valuable information, and access other sensitive data.


Secure your mobile from security threats

As mobile technology rapidly evolves, so will mobile security threats. The best way to combat this is by regularly updating anti-virus apps and educating others on internet security. Try to ensure that you take all measures possible to protect your information online.

Discover more on mobile security threats here.

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