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by msecadm4921

The new DVMRe Matrix comes from US manufacturer Kalatel.

The new DVMRe Matrix from US manufacturer Kalatel offers all the features of its Triplex digital video multiplexer/recorder and a 16 x 5 crosspoint matrix switcher, the makers report. It provides integrated camera synchronization to assure seamless switching during the vertical blanking process. Any of up to 16 camera inputs can be selected and switched to any or all of five available monitors. Up to one terabyte of images are archived on the system?s hard disks.

What they say

Darren Nicholson, GE Interlogix, Kalatel Division vice president marketing says: ?Without disturbing recording, live and recorded images can be viewed simultaneously on separate monitors or combined onto one monitor. Sequencing can continue on up to four monitors while the administrator implements setup changes in the menu.? Its Ethernet interface allows authorised users to pan-tilt-zoom any camera on the network from their PC or laptop. The DVMRe Matrix also offers dual digital monitor outputs, data search functions and sophisticated motion search and motion detection capabilities. It provides a synchronized alarm system that routes an alarmed camera and associated cameras to designated spot monitors. In addition, the system also searches for movement in a target grid of recorded images over a specified period of time. The search then returns all hits of recorded movement in the target grid. Directly at the unit, a Disk Analysis Screen provides color-coded bars indicating per-camera info of events, alarms, activities and video loss. Users can zoom into a selected area to expand the time window under investigation.
By utilizing Parallel Video Process (PVP) technology, the DVMRe Matrix records up to 60 pictures per second (pps), a rate twice as fast as many other digital recorders and three times faster than most multiplexer/VCR combinations. With the new DVMRe Matrix, images and files can be sent directly to a CD recorder without a PC. Once transferred to the CD, video can be reviewed on any laptop or PC without needing to install special viewing software.

Retail use

Retail users can capture POS receipt text while financial institutions can capture all ATM transaction text. Both can associate the text with the correct high quality video, record it on internal hard drives and later search for that video using the text. The new DVMRe Matrix also offers audio recording via an audio/video PCB. Recorded audio can be routed to a monitor for review with video. This application is especially useful at facility entrances. In the event of power outages, the DVMRe Matrix retains all camera-to-camera assignments in non-volatile memory so that all screen configurations are re-established once the system powers up. Visit

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