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5 OD Security SOTER Through-Body Scanners to unnamed Latin American Customer

by msecadm4921

Netherlands based security manufacturer, OD Security, have sold a further 5  units of the SOTER RS Through Body Scanner to an undisclosed Latin American  customer for use in drug interdiction within a number of high security custodial  establishments.

Soter is a great improvement on the existing strip searching process. It ensures  that the security officers won’t miss any contraband carried both internally  and on the body. It can be operated by one officer so it is cost effective and  because the scan takes less than 30 seconds it is very quick and efficient.  The units will be deployed to scan high risk inmates and visitors instead of  using the highly intrusive cavity searches that have been used in the past.
 The SOTER RS is a through body x-ray system which combines ultra low radiation  with maximum visibility. Within seconds you are able to see any hidden items,  such as narcotics, weapons, explosives, diamonds or any smuggled or stolen goods  regardless of the material. The SOTER RS shows a clear difference between human  tissues and other materials. Even ingested or camouflaged items will be shown.  If it is there; the machine will point it out, within just 10 seconds!
 These scanners will increase the level of security operations previously possible  through the use of conventional metal detectors. Non metallic objects hidden  under clothes, in natural cavities or within the human body cannot be detected  by conventional metal detectors and typically, these non-detectable items, such  as narcotics, explosives, precious stones, plastic weapons, or other contraband,  can only otherwise be detected by highly intrusive total body searches.
 SOTER is already operational in Australia, Ghana, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico,  Nigeria, and The United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Vietnam.
 For more information on OD Security’s range of products please contact:  Jan Steven Van Wingerden on: [email protected]

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