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Commend’s CONDUCTOR Control Desk brings Intercom into Harmony

by msecadm4921

and flexible modular control desk solution has been developed by Commend UK, a leading Integrated Intercom solutions provider, to help end users manage and co-ordinate their control desk with perfect ease and efficiency.

The integrated video function, razor-sharp display and handy touch screen module of the CONDUCTOR Control Desk enable end users to keep their entire Intercom system in full view at all times with control at their fingertips. Supported by Commend’s powerful visualisation software ComWIN, which provides a pictorial overview of all system areas and components, the CONDUCTOR allows the operator to make an instant and informed reaction to any situation. 

Designed to be flexible enough to meet user requirements and to evolve as needed, the CONDUCTOR offers the option of up to 104 programmable direct dialling buttons and a wide variety of accessories such as touch screen modules, handsets and add-on microphones. The growing range of optional extras is also planned to include a powerful console microphone incorporating an LED ring for call indication and a built-in reading light. The user can choose from a number of modules to suit their requirements so they pay for what they need only.

The Commend Intercom Client package can transform any Windows-based PC into a fully workable call station without the need for any additional hardware. Furthermore, with the introduction of a new Mobile Client application for tablet PCs and mobile devices, customers can have a mobile control desk.  

Greg Gregoriou, Managing Director of Commend UK, says the Mobile Client application is the natural next step for Intercom: “Bringing full mobility to the Control Desk is part of Commend’s commitment to keep raising Intercom to new levels of versatility and user-friendliness to meet customers’ current and future needs.”

Where required, Control Desk solutions by Commend can be operated in “concert” with a variety of external systems. Standardised interfaces for OPC (Open Connectivity), SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio), and other technologies offer secure and reliable connections to external systems such as public address, CCTV and building management solutions.

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