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by Mark Rowe

To mark the launch of its new website, the designer, supplier and installer of integrated security systems, The Bloomfield Group, is offering free security surveys. Richard Bissett, Managing Director, says: “It’s a great opportunity for businesses, hospitals, schools and colleges to review their security measures. At a time when there is heightened awareness of security issues and the safety of people and property, we can reassure organisations about their security, or pinpoint areas of risk. The latest technology offers some really exciting opportunities for better, more effective security and more cost-effective solutions. We offer a range of hi-tech systems, which include HD CCTV cameras, wireless IP technology and advanced video search analytics.

“We are particularly excited about our advanced ‘appearance search’ and video analytics technology, which further enhances the use of the HD IP CCTV systems. This technology acts as a ‘visual search engine’ for video systems, allowing users to explore video content in a search engine format. Users can click on an image of an individual and choose to either find more appearances of them prior to the clip or find their whereabouts after the clip.

“This cutting-edge technology revolutionises the process of video surveillance. It also allows for more effective, flexible and time-saving ways of working for security staff. Staff can access security networks from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, reducing the man-hours required on site. This can dramatically reduce operational costs.

“We can provide organisations with intruder, CCTV or access control options, but it is becoming increasingly important to adopt an integrated, holistic approach to security. Every building and organisation is different, and in order to create a fully secure environment, we develop a unique solution for each project. Where appropriate, these may incorporate your existing security measures, such as CCTV cameras, or may be a completely new system. For new builds, we can integrate security systems with services such as heating and lighting control.”

To book a security consultation and survey, visit, call 0844 984 9645 or email [email protected].

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