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The new Vortex magnetic door lock from Videx Security combines mechanical and magnetic security in a lock that is 75% smaller and has a lower current consumption than a standard magnetic lock.  Yet it offers a 400% higher holding force than a standard lock as a result of incorporating not only a magnetic plate but also a conical orifice which retains a very strong alloy pin.  This results in a vortex of magnetic and mechanical strength. 

Vortex features built-in monitoring that not only monitors for a door being forced, but built-in pressure sensors also monitor for attempted door force.  This ensures a higher degree of security and provides an alert before the door security has been compromised.  A highly visible red/green indicator shows the status of the lock.  Additional features include the ability to release as normal under side pressures of up to 100kg and it includes a tamp proof security armature plate.

Several versions of Vortex are available to cater for the different door and frame types.  The VX2400 has a holding force up to 15000 newtons and the smaller VX 1900 offers up to 9000 newtons holding force.

For more information contact Videx Security Limited, 1 Osprey, Trinity Park, Trinity Way, London, E4 8TD, Tel:  +44 (0) 870 300 1240, Fax:  44 (0) 20 8 523 5825, Email:  [email protected] or visit their website at


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