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At Intertraffic 2012 Nedap AVI welcomes you in the “City of smart mobility”, an innovative hot spot where latest technologies in long range identification of vehicles and drivers, and wireless vehicle detection for on- and off-street parking will be presented. At Intertraffic 2012 Nedap introduces the brand new solutions Dual!D (driver based vehicle access based on UHF technology), ANPR Access (License Plate Recognition for vehicle access control), SENSIT Surface Mount (vehicle detection sensor that can be glued onto floors), and E-Parking License (preventing abuse of designated parking bays). Find out more at Nedap’s booth, stand number 02.309. 

Dual!D for long range UHF reader
Nedap introduces Dual!D: an extension to its UHF product line that enables remote identification of vehicle and driver combinations. Only authorized vehicle and driver combinations will be allowed access. This functionality was already available for the high end TRANSIT product line and Nedap has now made similar functionality available for the cost efficient uPASS Reach UHF reader.

SENSIT Surface Mount
SENSIT consists of a network of wireless vehicle detection sensors that report on occupation of each individual parking spot. This parking occupancy system provides reliable, real-time data for guidance, alerting, and reporting. Based on that technology Nedap developed the SENSIT Surface Mount, a wireless sensor that can be mounted on the floor surface, which removes the need to drill into the floor. The core part of the product, containing the batteries and sensors, can easily be replaced.

E-Parking License
Another product innovation Nedap that will be introduced at Intertraffic 2012 is the E-Parking License (EPL), available as an extension to the SENSIT system. The E-Parking License registers specific parking spaces for pre-registered audiences (permit holders, disabled, VIP member, etc.). When a vehicle is parked parks in a designated EPL parking bay, a small electronic device in the vehicle registers itself. The SENSIT system sends an alert when potential abuse is detected, which optimizes availability of the parking facility to the audience it was meant for.

ANPR Access License Plate Recognition camera
In 2011 Nedap expanded its product portfolio for long range identification with ANPR Access, a license plate reader specifically designed for vehicle access control. The camera form and size, its functionality and its support of industry standards make it most suitable for vehicle access control.

The future of mobility in smart cities
Do you want to know more about Nedap’s vision on mobility in the smart city?  Would you like to learn more about our products and recent innovations? Then please visit our booth at stand number 02.309. 

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