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Smiths Detection has completed the aviation security contract for the newly opened terminal extension at Southend Airport, east of London. The project includes the detection product firm’s automatic explosives X-Ray detection systems for checked baggage, carry-on baggage scanners and trace detection equipment. 



Mal Maginnis, President of Smiths Detection, said: “Southend Airport will be one of the travel hubs for visitors to the 2012 Summer Olympics. Our advanced detection systems will help this ambitious airport meet its long-term goal of handling some two million passengers a year by 2020.” 


The terminal, operational since the end of February and now linked to central London by a high-speed rail service, was completed in time for the Olympic Games which open in July.


Meanwhile Smiths announced a 5.6 million euro service contract with Italian Customs to provide round-the-clock maintenance support for its cargo scanner units deployed at 14 ports in  Italy. 


The Italian Customs authority, Agenzia delle Dogane, renewed its current service agreement with Smiths Detection for an extra four years. The contract will cover the maintenance of Smiths Detection’s freight-screening fleet which supports Italy’s customs and security staff in their efforts  to cut the flow of weapons, narcotics and contraband in and out of the country.


Terry Gibson, Vice President Service, Smiths Detection, said: “The renewal of this contract  underscores not only the value of our world-leading security technologies but also the excellent level of after-market service  we are able to provide customs authorities across the globe.”


The Smiths Detection equipment covered by the contract comprises mainly mobile X-ray screening systems that provide detection of illicit goods in truck and container consignments.


And Smiths Detection, part of global technology business Smiths Group, has won a contract worth more than 100 million euros to supply all the main security scanning systems at the New Doha International Airport (NDIA) in Qatar. 


The order to equip one of the world’s most advanced airports includes a range of automatic x-ray and trace detection systems to screen passengers, hand luggage and checked-in bags for explosives, weapons and contraband.  It is the biggest single-airport contract Smiths has ever won.


Smiths Detection President Mal Maginnis said: “NDIA’s choice of Smiths Detection for its main security contract is testament to the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of our world-leading technologies. The award was received after intensive and long work in close co-operation with Smiths Detection’s local representative Qatar Security Systems Co. (QSS). We are very proud to play a central role in such an important transport hub in one of the world’s most dynamic regions.”


The first expansion phase of NDIA, which will be 12 times the size of the old Doha facility, is due to be completed in early 2013.  The new airport will eventually be able to handle 24 million passengers and two million tonnes of cargo a year.  The equipment to be supplied to NDIA includes HI-SCAN 10080 EDX-2is, HI-SCAN 130100T, HI-SCAN 7555aTix including iLane Systems and the 500DT trace detectors. Deliveries are already under way. 

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