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Improving Physical Business Security

by msecadm4921

It’s understandable why small and medium-sized businesses, many of which usually with limited budgets, perhaps don’t prioritise physical business security. That is perhaps even more so in the context of 2020, with many companies either keeping store-fronts shut or offices empty in favour of remote working. However, given that potentially half of all burglaries are spur of the moment, if you have anything of value in your commercial property it’s always worth considering improvements to your business security. Our advice is as follows:


Carry out frequent business security checks

It’s certainly good practice to ensure you’re aware of the potential risk your business faces. Depending on the location, you may determine how vulnerable your business is a bit differently. Certain properties may have more exposures or points of entry, and so identifying these and checking their security frequently will ensure you’re prioritising the correct risks. In turn, you’ll be maximising the safety of your business.


Invest in deterrents

Anything that bolsters the appearance of your property is always going to heighten business security, as it makes the act burglary (particularly spur of the moment robberies) more difficult. The best way to deter theft on any kind is often two-fold:

1. Physical Security: This includes robust protections for your business premises such as metal shutters, heavy-duty locks, gates, and several other durable barriers to entry.

2. Visual Security: These are often just as intimidating as physical deterrents. Systems such as visible intruder alarms, CCTV, and external lighting are likely to dissuade any would-be thief.


Be Fully Prepared

Sadly, there is no full-proof way to prevent burglary. So, just in case the worst does happen, it’s vital that you keep up-to-date inventory records and are aware what valuables are left in your office / store property whilst it is closed. That way you should be fully protected by your insurance company, and subsequently you’ll be able to bounce back quickly and with minimal hassle.

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