Access Control

App for facility managers

by Mark Rowe

ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, a UK division of ASSA ABLOY, the physical security and door opening product company, has launched its new CLIQ Connect app. It’s described by the developers as a way for facility managers to control the security permissions of a mobile workforce from their smartphone.

Facility managers can update, amend, revoke or renew access rights remotely from the CLIQ Web Manager software and Bluetooth, with a mobile phone. Mobile workers then have to open the CLIQ Connect App for the updated access permissions to be transferred to their programmable CLIQ key, via Bluetooth. Access rights can be tailored to meet someone’s requirements, so permissions are only granted for the time and date needed. In case of a lost key, facility managers can remove the key’s access rights from the CLIQ Web Manager software, at any time.

Operations are streamlined too, as a keyholder no longer has to update access rights physically in person, carry updating devices, or even return to base to retrieve the key needed. Audit trails can also be generated, and data transfer between the system and app is encrypted.

CLIQ Connect is available on the eCLIQ platform from ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, which features 128-bit AES encryption. CLIQ Connect will be rolled out to the ASSA CLIQ Remote product later this year.

Simon Wilson, National Sales Manager for ASSA CLIQ Remote at ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions, says: “Facility managers and their mobile workforce are short on time, and want solutions that are easy to implement and help simplify workflows. CLIQ Connect has been designed to meet these needs. It has never been so easy for access rights to be issued to remote workers, nor update these so quickly. Site security is improved too, with lost keys no longer posing a threat. The technology cuts the time that might be typically wasted on administrating access rights, plus saves money that would have otherwise been spent on programming devices and key management systems.

“Ultimately, the new CLIQ Connect App uses the latest technology to ensure facility managers are in control of their security at all times.”


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