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Touchscreen terminal

by Mark Rowe

New from Software House, part of Johnson Controls, is its TST-100 Touchscreen Terminal. The terminal works with legacy and IP-based door controllers from Software House.

The TST-100 features a 4.3-inch graphical LCD touchscreen that displays icons and custom command menus, providing feedback of the access control operation, and lets guards and other users arm and disarm intrusion zones and issue custom commands, at the door.

Built using the HID Global 5127 Mini multi-technology read head, the terminal supports a range of smart card technologies, including HID iCLASS SE and iCLASS Seos. It uses encrypted RS485 for secure communications to an IP controller, making it suitable the developers say for healthcare, campuses, airports and other sites where network connectivity to a reader on the unsecure side is not allowed.

Rafael Schrijvers, Access Control Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls, said: “The TST-100 Touchscreen Terminal hits several targets of multi-functionality, advanced security and ultimate usability all within a sleek, user-friendly touchscreen interface. With the TST-100 Touchscreen Terminal, we deliver to our ends users what they have come to expect from Software House – a high-end touchscreen terminal with functionality and depth that will continue to deepen in future version releases.”

The terminal also offers intrusion functionality at the door without the addition of an intrusion interface, for end users to view arm-disarm intrusion zones on the device. A command menu gives end users the ability to issue custom key commands to the intrusion system as well. The reader’s programming includes Johnson Controls’ Reliable Messaging (RM) protocol that facilitates compatibility with any iSTAR door controller. The terminal can be added to any Software House platform, including the C•CURE 9000 Security + Event Management system, and can also be integrated with the victor Unified Client.

The terminal includes the IP-based Ethernet Access Control Door Module (IP-ACM) from Software House, which when installed near the doors it controls, establishes secure IP, network-based communications with iSTAR door controllers using cyber-secure AES encryption. The Touchscreen Reader’s IP-ACM door module also includes Power over Ethernet (POE).

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