Access Control

Update user credentials at the door

by Mark Rowe

The access control product company SALTO is introducing SVN-Flex. It enables SALTO standalone electronic locks and cylinders to update user credentials at the door. The developer says this makes keyless, wire-free smart buildings a reality; and makes hard-wired update points obsolete, it’s claimed.

Marc Handels, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of SALTO Systems says: “SVN Flex is a game changer that creates a new standard in access control. The door is the ultimate touch point in an access control system and making its wireless smart lock hardware an updating point for user credentials maximizes functionality and brings an unprecedented level of convenience and security for both end users and system administrators.”

With SVN-Flex end users do not need extra components, such as wall readers or door controllers, so spending on hardware will be lower. Also omitting wires leads to a shorter installation time. The technology also brings convenience for users, as they no longer have to go to specific doors or locations to update their cards. Now they can update their access rights any time and anywhere because any wireless door can be activated as an SVN-Flex updater.

SVN-Flex is based on two products, the SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO BLUEnet. Since all new escutcheons, such as the XS4 One and XS4 Mini, already have Bluetooth for mobile access, SALTO combines the SVN and BLUEnet in such a way that the updated access rights can now be transferred via Bluetooth wirelessly to defined escutcheons and cylinders. It is managed via SALTO’s ProAccess SPACE web-based access control management software.

A user can cross-link stand-alone, wireless locks and online access points and integrate into IT networks. According to the product firm, this produces an on-premise infrastructure for access control that is designed to adapt and grow with any demand; from just one door and user up to hundreds of doors with thousands of users. SALTO has developed a micro site to detail product information and explain how the supporting technology works together to deliver access control. Visit

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