Access Control

Upgrade for Integriti

by Mark Rowe

The access control and security system manufacturer Inner Range has released an upgrade for its enterprise-level product, Integriti. It includes integrations with Suprema biometric products and Quuppa real time location tracking. The Version 21 update is available now.

The new integration with Suprema allows users to add thumb and face scans as access credentials, which can be used besides smartcards and PIN. The integration with Quuppa means tagged information from the Quuppa system can be associated with Integriti entities, allowing for control of the asset from either system. The asset could be an object, or a user associated with it.

The location of tagged assets can be made visible on Integriti’s schematic of the site, pictured, alongside all other access and security devices. Operators can access all cameras with the asset in their field of view, if fields of view are configured. Alert protocols can be set up with bespoke criteria and operators can track and view the asset, if an alert is triggered.

The update also means Integriti supports Two Factor Authentication (2FA), for security when operators log-in. Operators must enter a time-based six-digit code from a registered smartphone or personal device as well as their usual user name and password to login to the system. They can also generate an emergency back-up code if they lose, forget or can’t access their personal device.

Tim Northwood, general manager at Inner Range, said: “Our latest version of Integriti gives users more options for managing access, whether that’s using biometric credentials or Two Factor Authentication. It also provides greater precision in how they can tailor individual elements of a sophisticated, integrated security management system for the most unified and effective approach to access, security and smart building management.”

As for Integriti’s schematics, integrated CCTV camera ‘fields of view’ can now be plotted via the ‘schematics editor’, while there are more options and control for users in how devices, assets and alerts appear. Pre-set positions for PTZ cameras are also now possible for integrated entities, such as doors, for operators to access the right live footage when they need to.


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