Fingerprint reader anniversary

by Mark Rowe

When ievo was founded in 2009, restricting access using biometric technologies was far from mainstream. Fast-forward to 2019, and about two-thirds of us (67pc) have biometric technologies such as fingerprint readers, within our mobile phones.

This ever-increasing adoption of biometrics by consumers has led to the increase in demand for consumer and commercial application of these technologies. ievo reports demand for its biometric readers at record levels as it celebrates its tenth birthday. The company has tens of thousands of fingerprint readers installed across all continents and its products have repeatedly secured CPNI approval status, certifying them as suitable for UK Government use. Tens of thousands of these readers are used to grant and restrict access to an estimated ten million global registered users.

To consistently service the increase in demand for its f s over the years, ievo has relocated to larger premises in North Shields, having grown to supply a network of thousands of businesses, installers and security providers.

Shaun Oakes, Managing Director at ievo Ltd, says: “As we celebrate ten years, we also look back on ten years of firsts, as it is these firsts that have brought us to where we are today. ievo was the first to release a biometric product to introduce modular design for customisable systems and easier servicing. We also developed and launched the first and only biometric product to be seamlessly integrated with Paxton Net2 solutions and paved the way for integrations between readers and access control systems. We were also the first to raise the standards in product reliability and function with the use of leading fingerprint sensors.

“As we look ahead, we want to keep achieving more firsts, innovating our offering to ensure that our customers and installers receive both a first-class product and first-class service when they choose ievo readers. With exciting projects in the pipeline, including a number of new range launches scheduled for 2019, we can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in store.”

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