4K IP cameras

by Mark Rowe

WAMA has released two new 4K IP cameras. These feature 4K ultra-high resolution, H.265 compression, triple independent video streams, region of interest (ROI) smart encoding, automatic network replenishment (ANR) and built-in video analytics. The vandal resistant compact dome camera and bullet camera are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications the Hong Kong makers say.

Dr Wallace Ma, CEO of WAMA Technology Ltd, said: “The security industry is moving very quickly with the emergence of many new technologies. 4K, H.265 and artificial intelligence are among the technologies that we anticipate will have a wide-spread use in the near future. With the launch of the new NS8 series 4K IP cameras, we aim to bring security in the society to a higher level.”

The new cameras are capable of capturing videos at 3840 x 2160 pixels (8MP), which is four times the resolution of 1080p. H.265 video compression can reduce the network traffic and storage requirement by half in comparison to H.264, the firm says. By optimizing the network bandwidth while maintaining the details of 4K resolution, overall storage costs can be minimized.

The cameras simultaneously deliver three independent video streams for users with different requirements:

– Main stream with maximum 4K resolution at full frame rate
– Sub stream with maximum D1 resolution at full frame rate
– Third stream with maximum 4K resolution at 6fps

Users can choose two streams with 4K resolution, or select different resolution for live viewing and video recording. The ‘region of interest’ encoding can further optimize network bandwidth and ultimately saves on storage. A maximum of four regions can be pre-set as regions of focus, while redundant video data in areas that are not of importance will be omitted. This approach compresses video data without the need of sacrificing image quality in the areas of interest.

Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR)

The ANR technology ensures safe recording of videos even during a network breakdown. When network failure is detected, videos will be automatically recorded onto the camera’s micro SD card. When network is resumed, the videos will be stored back into the NVR.

Video Analytics

The 4K IP cameras also come with four built-in video analytic functions including tripwire detection, loitering detection, missing / unattended object detection and overcrowd monitoring. They are designed to intelligently analyse the captured videos at real-time. When abnormal events are detected, alarm notifications will be sent to the operators, all without the need of human involvement. Visit

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