AMG-Synectics partnership

by Mark Rowe

AMG-Panogenics, the British manufacturer of Megapixel cameras, has entered a technology partnership with Synectics, and their PanoCam360 fisheye camera is now fully integrated into the Synergy security management system.

Jonathan Squires, Technology Applications Manager, from Synectics says: “The PanoCam360 can be recorded by Synectics’ Recording Management System and the image / stream can be viewed in Synectics’ security management software, Synergy, in its native, 360 format. The image can also be de-warped, and using Synergy, users can apply a digital zoom on the image.”

David Myers, CTO of AMG-Panogenics, pictured, adds: “PanoCam360 streams 12.5 frames per second and the on-board de-warping reduces the processing requirement back in the control room. Offering up to 14 de-warped video streams/independent camera views simultaneously alongside the full-resolution fish-eye view makes PanoCam360 the most powerful and versatile 360 degree camera range available. The camera is completely developed and manufactured in the UK and works on an open software platform, which makes it very easy to integrate.”

For more information about the camera, the integration with Synergy, or to book a demonstration, please contact [email protected] or visit

Separately, AMG Systems and ISM (Intergrated Security Manufacturing), market leading suppliers of integrated control management suites, announce that ISM’s Genesys2 is now integrated with AMG-Panogenics’ 5 megapixel 360 degree PanoCam360 cameras. The integration is facilitated through Wavestore’s NVR technology, a result of the technology partnership between Wavestore and AMG established last year.

Steve Smith, Sales & Marketing Director of ISM says, “Now that we’ve fully integrated Wavestore’s NVRs with Genesys2 we’re keen to explore the potential new business opportunities this new technology partnership offers us. We’re particularly impressed with Wavestore’s ability to de-warp a 360-degree image, along with their integration of AMG’s PanoCam360, meaning we now have a market leading solution to offer our own customers. The ‘smoke alarm’ appearance of the PanoCam360 is ideal for surveillance applications in sensitive environments. Care homes, retirement homes, nurseries, and schools, not to mention custody suites – a market sector ISM is already strong in, will all benefit from this technology.”

Sara Bullock, International Sales & Marketing Director AMG Group says: “The integration with ISM’s Genesys2 is a result of our technology partnership with Wavestore, which is now showing some of the wider possibilities for integration of our camera technology for sophisticated vertical applications.”

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