Consumer cameras

by Mark Rowe

Dahua Technology released its H.265 Consumer Series products earlier this year. It is now available in most markets. These cameras include the indoor cube model C26, pictured; and the pan and tilt model A26, aimed at homes and small retailers.

Each camera comes with 2MP image sensor, and uses the H.265 compression method, for saving up to 50 per cent the product company says on bandwidth and storage. With an Easy4ip cloud account, you can have access to your camera through your smart phone as long as the internet is available. You can record daily or motion videos on Easy4ip Cloud and play back any time. Also, Dahua’s Easy4ip platform supports IFTTT, which enables the Dahua cameras to interact with other smart home applications, such as Philippe Hue and Amazon Alexa.

As a surveillance camera that supports motion detection, the cameras will be triggered to send you a message whenever a motion event happens. With infra-red (IR) LED and Dahua Smart IR algorithm the cameras automatically switch the night mode on and off, and they can adjust the brightness of the IR LED automatically when the light changes.

Dahua indoor wi-fi cameras support built-in microphone and speaker, so all the recorded motion or daily videos are with audio, and they support two-way speech. When someone breaks in you’ll receive an alarm alert at the real time, and remotely you can tell the intruder what to do. Or, you can communicate with your pet that’s at home.


The A26 supports 355 degrees pan and 90 degrees tilt. A ‘Smart Tracking’ algorithm enables the camera to automatically focus on and follow moving objects in horizontal and vertical directions, even when the camera is installed on the ceiling. The C26 comes with a 130 degrees horizontal field of view. With the product’s magnetic base you can stick it to any metal surface. The C26 offers human detection based upon image processing, for reducing false alerts to situations such as falling leaves and changes in light.

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