SIA customer satisfaction

by Mark Rowe

A survey has found high levels of customer satisfaction with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence application service.

The results from the survey are extremely positive, the headline being an increase in satisfaction among customers with the licence application process, with 86pc of individuals and 85pc of employers being satisfied with their experience.

A key driver for satisfaction across both individuals and employers is the SIA making it simple and straightforward to apply for a licence. For individuals, this has overtaken the length of time taken to process the application as their main driver of satisfaction.

Favourability towards the SIA has remained high among Individuals (88pc), increasing by 2pc since the previous year. As for eEmployers, favourability towards the SIA is up by 14pc. This is the regulator suggests mainly due to the launch of a redesigned Business Support team in July 2021, aimed at building the SIA’s relationship with businesses and driving engagement through the Business Relationship Managers and Business Support Officers, who speak to businesses day-to-day.

Iestyn David, the SIA’s Head of Licensing and Service Delivery, said: “This is a really strong set of results, particularly for Employers, where we saw a significant increase in satisfaction across multiple areas, driven by our launch of the redesigned Business Support team the previous year. Our management of customer contact has improved significantly across all areas, and we’ve made huge strides with the quality and speed of response we’re giving our customers, which is helping us improve our first-contact resolution. Overall, this is another excellent set of results that we should all be really proud of.”

About he survey

It involved over 800 interviews in spring 2023. This included 600 interviews with individuals who had recently applied for an SIA licence, and 200 interviews with employers who had recently submitted applications on behalf of their employees. A follow-up phase involved in-depth interviews with a representative sample of respondents from both categories. 

Photo by Mark Rowe; contract security officer, Lanyon Place railway station, Belfast.

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