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exacqVision latest version

by Mark Rowe

exacqVision 9.0 the latest version of the exacqVision video management software now integrates with Axis Perimeter Defender. That lets users monitor areas based on object behaviour such as loitering. Or zones can be set to trigger alerts for instance when an object enters a zone without first passing through another zone. The integration can trigger actions, such as video recording or sending email notifications when a perimeter event occurs. exacqVision now supports Video Motion Detection 4 (VMD4) on Axis cameras, which sends alerts when motion is detected. This new camera support is set to record based on movement, reducing storage and bandwidth usage.

The VMS now displays standard access control and intrusion alarms (such as zone bypassed, panel armed), and captures panels and controller health alarms such as low battery, power loss, and keypad tampering. These events can trigger actions. Users of analytics-enabled Illustra Pro cameras can now see visible boxes around analytic event triggers and search on metadata associated with analytic events. Bounding boxes are visible in both the Live and Search pages of the exacqVision client. When searching analytic events, the user can now further review analytic event results by drawing specific areas of the scene to filter results.

And the new version exacqVision says improves the way users access camera associations on a mobile device. A new overflow menu prevents too many associations from taking up the entire screen, and a new wheel menu allows users to more intuitively interact. Among new third party camera options, there’s iris and focus control in exacqVision for Axis, Hikvision, Illustra, and ONVIF-standard IP cameras; and H.265 compression method support for Panasonic.

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