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Intrusion detection integrated

by Mark Rowe

Qognify, formerly NICE Security, has integrated access control product company Vanderbilt’s SPC Intrusion Detection system with its Situation Management product, Situator. The integration was initially designed for a security-conscious customer in the banking sector, and is now available to customers in all markets. It enables optimal handling of scenarios triggered by alarm panels, motion detectors, and other smart intrusion detectors.

Qognify and Vanderbilt have defined SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that guide operators on how to respond to intrusion scenarios affecting security breaches, as well as any maintenance or operational issues. Only authorised personnel can enter offices and secured areas. It also enables operators to identify false alarms, without wasting additional resources.

In the event of an incident, the integration will enable the subsystem to send an alert which automatically triggers an incident in Situator. Situator will then present the operator with the relevant standard operating procedure that evolves with the incident for prompt, effective resolution.

For operational issues, the Vanderbilt system sends failure and maintenance alerts, which in turn prompt Situator to generate the appropriate response process, while automating it and instructing operators of the necessary next steps. The integration can monitor visitors who enter and exit branches or ensure they are opened for business during standard business hours.

Phil Carroll, Head of Product Line Intrusion for Vanderbilt, said: “This integration with Qognify delivers a powerful interoperable solution for our mutual customers. We’re proud to team up with Qognify and offer our customers this connection with their market-leading Situator solution.”

And Moti Shabtai, President of Qognify, said: “We are excited about the completion of the integration between Situator and Vanderbilt SPC intrusion detection system. The combination of the two solutions, already under implementation for a key customer, will make a real difference to customers of many industries. While the first driver for the integration was enhancing security and safety, operational SOPs have been defined as well. The solution helps organisations to focus on their core activities, while knowing that the highest level of security is maintained.”

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