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IP for telecoms switch

by Mark Rowe

Vanderbilt has announced a partnership with security software developer, European Systems Integration (ESI). This has resulted in what the firms claim to be the first completely Internet protocol (IP) enabled end-to-end system within a central monitoring station (CMS). They add this will help with the move away from traditional analogue public switched telephone networks (PSTN).

The firms make the point that telecommunication services providers across the UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Italy have stated their intention to transfer to IP telephony, while Orange in France is planning to shut down PSTN networks, and run every service over IP by 2020. This means that any CMS that uses PSTN has limited time to make the switch, the firms add.

To facilitate this change for installers and their customers, Vanderbilt has worked with ESI on integration of its SPC intrusion detection product. The result is a platform for communication between an SPC control panel and a CMS – something that is made possible thanks to ESI’s F1 and V1 audio-visual devices.

The F1 combines the reception of protocols and networks from alarm and telephony into a single solution that the firms say eliminates the need for numerous systems by standardising them into a single output protocol. Likewise, V1 enables listen and call on site, audio verification and real-time replication of events, as well as videos on a back-up server. It offers a bidirectional communication with the alarm monitoring software and the client-server architecture enables the system to post videos on each CMS operator workstation.

Christophe Reithler, France Market Manager at Vanderbilt, said: “As a result of our ground-breaking work with ESI, more CMS facilities than ever before across Europe will be able to enjoy using SPC. We firmly believe that the age of IP is truly upon us and we are very proud to be leading the way in its adoption with the first completely end-to-end solution. I’m confident that this game changer will enhance efficiency by offering installers and CMS providers unrivalled levels of reliability, functionality and flexibility.’


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