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LED illuminator launch

by Mark Rowe

GJD Manufacturing Limited, UK manufacturer of CCTV LED Illuminators and external detector products has launched Clarius Plus, an LED illuminator.

The range of infra-red and white light illuminators comes with an interchangeable lens diffuser that provides a way to alter the angle of illumination. The elliptical beam profiles allow significantly more light to be delivered where it is required, the makers say, enabling longer distances to be reached and minimising light wastage. According to the firm this saves energy and costs compared to a standard illuminator.

GJD Director, Keith Fenwick said: “Lighting has proved itself as a clever deterrent against many crimes and as a result it is normally the first line of criminal defence. Unfortunately, we tend to see that professionals often overlook the important aspect of controlled lighting when selecting their security technology. This is why the Clarius Plus range is well suited as it is very easy to alter the system to suit specific site requirements, such as field of view and illumination range.”

Each illuminator is fitted with surface mount Dual core LEDs to provide night images, matched with optical output. The product also helps to prevent overexposure of foreground objects, it’s claimed. The products are said to be suitable for internal and external use. Units are fitted with integrated control circuitry to adjust LED output. The illuminators have a design life of ten years and a five year warranty.

This announcement follows closely after the merger of GJD and Advanced LED Technology (ALT), as GJD increased its shares in ALT from 51 per cent to 100pc, with the integration of GJD and ALT at the Group HQ in Heywood, Greater Manchester. For more about the Clarius Plus range – visit:

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