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RAYMAX infra-red LED lighting has been installed at the heart of a CCTV security solution featuring the latest intelligent scene analytics. The lighting scheme was designed and installed by CCTV specialists ‘The Wire Guys’ based in the United States. Deploying lighting allowed the CCTV system to deliver intelligent security at a previously vulnerable three-acre construction storage yard in East Pennsylvania, USA. No light; no video analytics.

Used with smart HD/megapixel camera technology from Video IQ, the IR lighting allows the analytics of the CCTV system to work, at night. The RM200 Platinum units provide images with an even spread of illumination, so that the camera system can automatically detect people and vehicles up to 300m away, it’s claimed, and trigger an alert whenever a target object enters the protected area. Addition of lighting also helps to eliminate false alarms.

Video IQ says that its megapixel cameras differ from traditional cameras because they have inbuilt video analytics and storage. They are designed to only detect three objects – people, vehicles and boats.  With a noisy image caused by insufficient light on scene, the camera system may struggle to detect and differentiate between objects.

Michael Miller, Director of The Wire Guys, says: “Reliability and problems with false alarms have long been drawbacks with this kind of intelligent video systems. The analytics work so well in this instance because of the high definition images captured by the camera system using the high performance RAYMAX Infra-Red lighting. There are further smart advantages if the user wishes to integrate Video IQ cameras with Raytec White-Light illuminators at night for colour CCTV.”

The cameras detect objects based on size, shape and colour. When using White-Light LED technology, all three search criteria are possible and it becomes easy to find target objects – such as a red car or a man with a blue jacket.

Mr Miller adds: “At this site we have really harnessed the full potential of smart CCTV, making use of the latest camera and lighting technology. This enhanced level of detection capability, and resistance to false alarms, has really improved security and safety for the construction company, putting the site owners fully in control.”

Kristen Seguin, National Sales Manager, Raytec Americas, says: “CCTV systems such as Video IQ installed by specialists like The Wire Guys, are now getting much smarter and better at protecting people – and Raytec LED lighting allows these systems to remain smart during the vulnerable hours of darkness.”.

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