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by Mark Rowe

Bosch has released its Video Management System 7.5 software (BVMS 7.5), for security control room operations. As the product company says, security operators are often challenged to review and collect video footage for incidents. With BVMS 7.5, when operators can browse through recorded video at speed by skipping the rendering of frames, which are not visible to the human eye. BVMS 7.5 includes forensic search as standard free-of-charge, allowing operators to scan through recording databases for a specific event within seconds it is claimed. The rules for the search can be defined via a graphical user interface and can be changed even after an event.

BVMS 7.5 further allows for integration of third-party software and devices. After the announcement of Bosch’s collaboration with Sony, BVMS 7.5 is now compatible with the latest Sony cameras and storage devices from third parties can be more easily connected. The OPC (Open Platform Communications) server has been expanded making it easier the makers say for Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Systems to control the BVMS.

Communication between the Operator Client and other system components can be exchanged through a single, secure and open channel, so that system integrators can configure the system for remote secure access, using standard internet connections.

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