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Fisheye cameras

by Mark Rowe

VIVOTEK has launched two fisheye fixed dome network cameras: FE8181 and FE8181V.

These 5-Megapixel cameras feature a removable infrared (IR) cut filter for day and night use, and a built-in 10 meter IR Illuminator for uniform lighting across a 360 degree surround view.

The FE8181 and FE8181V are designed with a 5-Megapixel CMOS sensor, enabling viewing resolution of 1920×1920 at 15 fps (frames per second). With a 1.5 mm fisheye lens for 180 degree panoramic (wall mount) or 360 degree surround viewing (ceiling-floor-table mount), the FE8181 and FE8181V can provide coverage of wide, open areas such as airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores and offices the makers say, without blind spots. Featuring 3D Noise Reduction, the cameras are able to capture video under low-light, which also helps to reduce bandwidth from sensor noise.

The domes, with built-in IR LEDs and patent protected light cup design, provide uniform 360 degree surround illumination for viewing up to distances of 10 metres, even in complete darkness, the company adds. Both cameras are designed with VIVOTEK’s Application Development Platform, a self-developed open platform for the deployment of intelligent applications. Video analytics such as object tracking, heat mapping, and people counting can be directly integrated within the camera.

The FE8181V, comes with vandal-proof IK10-rated and weather-proof IP66-rated housing, enabling the camera to withstand the elements as well as human-inflicted attacks. With full EN50155 compliance, the camera can withstand shock and vibration, maintaining a stable and reliable video feed on a moving vehicle or turbulent machine.

Steve Ma, VIVOTEK’s Executive VP, said: “There are few fisheyes on the market that have good IR LEDs built in. It was through our R&D resources, extensive experience in fisheye technology, and ultimately an innovative spirit that we came to successfully develop the 5-Megapixel IR fisheye network cameras FE8181 and FE8181V. True to our commitment, with these cameras we are providing the market with an outstanding surveillance solution.” Visit www.vivotek.com.

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