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Outdoor panoramic solution

by Mark Rowe

VIVOTEK, the Taiwanese IP surveillance product manufacturer, introduces a new multiple-sensor network camera, MS8391-EV, pictured. This camera features four 3-Megapixel CMOS sensors with 180-degree panoramic views, and built-in IR illuminators effective up to 30m. It’s designed for city surveillance in places requiring wide coverage, such as a campus, airport, and car parking.

With its design of four 3MP CMOS sensors, the camera provides a detailed 180-degree panoramic view with it’s claimed minimal blind spots. This both maximizes the field of view and reduces the total number of cameras required, thereby saving on both installation time and maintenance costs. The camera comes with IK10 and IP66-rated housing and offers a minus 50 degrees C to 60 degrees C temperature range, for outdoor operation.

As a day and night camera, the MS8391-EV features built-in infra-red (IR) illuminators effective it’s claimed up to 30m. The camera also has Smart IR technology, to prevent over-exposure and noise reduction to instantaneously adjust the IR lighting intensity in response to changes of light in the ambient environment. With its 3D Noise Reduction and Smart Stream, the product can deliver quality images under low light, while optimizing bandwidth usage. Users can choose a corner mount or pole mount accessories, for best mounting and operation. Visit www.vivotek.com.

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