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by msecadm4921

The Door & Hardware Federation (DHF), a lock manufacturer trade body, and the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) which represents UK manufacturers and installers of doors and windows, have launched a new standard for lock cylinders and associated security hardware, usually consisting of security handles. 



This is supported by Secured by Design, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ crime prevention initiative and forms the basis of the latest British Standards Kitemark scheme for replacement lock cylinders and security hardware for locks. Replacement lock cylinders and handles Kitemarked to TS 007, that can reassure householders that their lock cylinders and handles will resist the common methods of attack used by burglars, are now on the market, the trade associations say. These Kitemarked products will resist attack methods including drilling, picking, bumping, snapping and plug extraction.


The TS 007 standard enables the Kitemark symbol to be used on products in conjunction with a star rating of one, two or three. The TS 007 standard requires a three star solution to provide a full degree of security. This level of security can be achieved by either a combination of a cylinder (marked with one star) and security door hardware such as a strengthened door handle (marked with two stars); or a three star cylinder.


DHF general manager and secretary Michael Skelding said: “There are increasing concerns regarding the rise in so-called austerity crime in the current economic climate, and the Government reduction in the number of front-line police. Naturally, householders are becoming more worried about the security of their homes and are looking for more robust security solutions. The UK lock industry has acted quickly to ensure these new security solutions are now readily available on the market.”


If householders are concerned about the security offered by the lock cylinders fitted to their doors, The DHF and the GGF recommend that householders seek advice from locksmiths, or refer to the original installers of their doors for advice. The DHF has also produced a website ( ) that informs householders what they should do to ensure their external doors are secure.

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